The EIGHT Magic Steps To Write an Unforgettable Press Release

The content you write is very much like any other blog article or an email that you pen.  Therefore, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1. The all-important point sizes

Headline 24 point

Sub Headline  22 point 

First para 20 point 

Second para 18 point 

Third and subsequent paragraphs.  The Text is 16 point

Step 2 – Therefore here is the layout of your Press Release 

Your Fantastic Headline Here (Please Use to help you write any headlines) 

The Sub Header.  The bit that adds some oomph – describes the story a bit more.

Date: Which should read “For Immediate Release” or “Not to be released until DD MM YY” for the UK or MM DD, YY for the USA and Canada

Your Contact name, phone number and email address and press officer details (if you have one)

Step 3 – First/Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph is mega important.  It should cover the high level, of what the story is about.

That is:

WHAT  the story is about

WHO are the people in the story

WHY is it happening 

WHERE is it all happening 

and the bit that is sometimes missed

WHEN did or is it going to happen –

HOW is it or how was it to be done.

The first paragraph is to grab the attention of the journalist to make him or her want to print your article.  Therefore, make it an active paragraph, one that excites and is positive.   

HINT: Read that first paragraph and ask yourself…  “would I continue reading this?”

Step 4 – Second paragraph.

You need a quote.  That is something along the lines as shown below

An example could be…

Organizer Mr Doerly said “This will be the event of the decade”

Step 5 – Third paragraph

Three bits of statistics, data or known facts

One item could be a future statistic such as forecast ticket sales 

Step 6 – The Grand Finale

Reminders,  re-enforce message with any action needed by the readers, such as an invitation to a meet.

This is where you put a reminder about the major issues 

Step 7 – Images

For any image that you include your article, you need to provide a short summary about the image and any attribution to a photographer or image taker.  Do make sure all copyright issues are covered and you have the permission of the subject(s) to use the image.  In any email make sure everything is in the email, to be clear avoid attachments.  It is a little known fact that JOURNALISTS and readers are reluctant to click on links. That is proven by any email statistics you may look at in the future.

Step 8 – For an audio story, provide the same as above

But in addition, add your own recording of up to 7 answers to the 7 question of your own choice and no more. 

The bottom line is that you need to give the presenter the questions he should ask you so that your audio with appropriate edits behaves as though it is a live interview.

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