Top Level – Recommended WP Plugins Your Starter for Ten

Back of computer with many data cables they are plugins

This is a list to help the first time WordPress user implement their WordPress site.   This is not an exhaustive list and is just at this point a list of plugins that will help. There is a table below and the items in it are all essentials. However, any shaded items are your starter for ten gold star items and will give you a flying start.

Most plugins are available directly from your WordPress dashboard and this is the simplest place to load your plugins from

If you are starting out the simple solution is to rely on JetPack and a couple of supporting plugins.  In the example below, it assumes your host provides some automatic backup facility of your website.  There is a backup feature in JetPack but this is a paid premium feature and as such as been omitted. This article is affiliate link free.

Ref Function Complexity Plugin WordPress source
1.1 Forms Simple Jetpack Forms JetPack Forms and similar
1.2 Forms Simple Contact Form 7 Contact Form 7 and related plugins
2.1 Partial Website Security – Repeated wrong user name and password protection Simple LoginIzer Loginizer and similar
2.2 Fuller Website Security Moderately Complex WordFence Security including WordFence
3 Backup (optional if your hosting company provides sufficient backups) Simple Updraft Backup plugins including Updraft
4 Social Media Simple Jetpack Social JetPack Social Media and similar
5.1 Grammar & Spelling –  Simple Jetpack Proofreader JetPack Grammar/Spelling and similar
5.2 Style Checker Simple Style and grammar checker Style and Grammar
6 Force HTTPS: if there is a reference to HTTP if your website has secure browsing  Simple  ForceHTTPS WordPress Force HTTPS
7 Make your website seen – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Simple All in One SEO All in One SEO and similar

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